A team of experienced trainers with a profound professional background in the water-sector is available to guide participants and to ensure the organization of the course. All dis|course trainers are experienced in «traditional» classroom trainings as well as «e-Tutors» in e-Learning courses.

Alexandra Pres

Alexandra Pres looks on water sector challenges through capacity development glasses. She has more than 17 years of experience in international cooperation focusing on water supply, sanitation and water resources management.

Systemic capacity development approaches, respective competence and networking development are of high importance to Alexandra. Aiming at enhancing partners' self-steering competences, she has been involved in the development of several capacity development strategies and human capacity development concepts.

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Alexandra has strong methodological skills reflected in the development and realisation of several generic Training of Trainers measures. She is member of GIZ water expert pool, and has realised several evaluation and appraisal missions for GIZ programmes worldwide.

Alexandra has a wide-spread regional competence in Western Balkan, the MENA region as well as in Sub-Sahara Africa.

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Hans Hartung

Hans Hartung is a known water expert in international development with more than 30 years of experience. He has a strong theoretical and practical background in water supply, sanitation, water pumping and the related water and wastewater networks. Through his experience in the developing world, he has come to realise the importance of a comprehensive approach to and responsible management of our water resources.

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He can draw from a much-diversified experience in industry as well as with NGOs, in rural as well as urban environments, in humanitarian as well as development aid, in designing and planning as well as training, in developing as well as industrialised countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. He has planned, accompanied and evaluated many projects in conventional water supply and sanitation and pioneered unconventional systems such as rainwater harvesting and ecological sanitation.

Conceptualising capacity development measures, such as face-to-face as well as online trainings is one of his key competences. He has been the responsible consultant in various InWEnt and GIZ capacity development programmes for the MENA, East and Southern Africa regions, cooperating with state and non-state development organisations.

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Mostafa Biad

Mostafa Biad has a double background education: Engineering and Business Administration; along his professional career he gained extensive experience in management and capacity development in water and environment sector.

Mostafa has 25 years experience in water/wastewater Utility management; he worked for ONEE (National Office of Electricity and Potable Water in Morocco) where he held many positions in different departments (water supply, wastewater planning and commercial).

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Mostafa participated, as water/sanitation expert, at the international level in many activities (consultancies, technical assistance and training) mainly in MENA region and Africa. He is a resource person for GIZ (ex-InWEnt) since 2003.

He was member of the e-tutoring team in more than 20 e-learning courses in several topics such as: PSP, Organizational Development, Utility management, Sanitation Governance, Sanitation technologies,  NRW.

Mostafa has a good knowledge of water sector in MENA region and Africa, he was very active, since 2010, within ACWUA (Arab Countries Water Utilities Association) as regional adviser, deputy chairperson of Capacity Building Working Group, trainer, etc...

Mostafa is co-author of some publications such as:

  • «WATER TAP Manual: A practical guide to managing water integrity in water utilities Experiences from pilot projects in the MENA region»
  • «Water Impact Guidebook: Capacity Development to Enhance Commercial and Technical Management in Water and Wastewater Utilities»
  • «Water Utilities Management in the Arab Region: Lessons learned and guiding principals»

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Ronald Nyakana

Ronald has worked in Uganda’s Water and Sanitation Sub-sector for over 10 years and is currently in the Ministry of Water and Environment in Kampala, Uganda.

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Ronald Nyakana collaborates with Margraf Publishers mainly as a course tutor for our e-Learning courses, implemented on behalf of GIZ.

Dirk Hangstein

Dirk is the CEO of Margraf Publishers GmbH, a scientific publishing house which is focusing on agriculture in the tropics and subtropics as well as botany, economics and Extension.

For more than 20 years, Dirk is responsible for the didactical course implementation of the dis|course trainings and coordinates the courses, mainly on behalf of the GIZ. He also worked as a trainer and e-tutor for various trainings.

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Dirk has long experience in converting «expert» materials and readings into «Computer based» and «Web-based» trainings (CBTs and WBTs) which have been implemented for several partners.

One of the most important services provided by dis|course are the collaboration platforms. Depending on the customers needs and demands, a «tailor-made» meeting room on the Internet or on a local Intranet is established, combining both a customized design to suit the customers CI and a selection of tools which are needed to fulfil a certain task.

Functional design and an attractive user interface is pre-requisite for every online-interaction. Dirk has long experience in almost all aspects of traditional web design as well as of interactive Web 2.0 elements.

Dirks skills lay mainly of the fields of 

  • Graphic Design
  • Didactic and Methodic Concepts
  • Technical administration of web-based content management
  • Database Management