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Proceed to the public start pages which describe the currently active programs and projects. Should you be a registered participant or belong to the administration, you can as well login to the internal spaces for there:

Virtual Working Rooms (Shared Workspaces)

Our virtual working rooms use up-to-date technologies and offer various interactive communication tools, such as video conferencing, online lectures and audio discussion panels (VoIP), forums, pinboards, document management tools, etc.

The working rooms are password protected and can be accessed by team members only. The members of a woking group can as well decide to publish working results and selected documents to the public with an easy-to-use online editor.

The virtual working rooms are mainly used for

  • Preparation and re-working of seminars
  • Networks and virtual enterprises
  • Connection of mobile employees
  • Support of workgroups and project-teams
  • Network for suppliers and their customers
  • Communication and projectmanagement in NGO's

Of course, virtual working rooms are also an important part of our e-Learning course concept. Communication amongst participants and with the tutors of an e-Learning is a crucial element for the success of distance learning courses.

The webspaces offer a «Blended Learning» component, a Forum to allow exchange among the participants and a steering tool (visible for the course administration only). All tools are chosen individually according to their suitability for the particular project/program.