«Solar Powered Irrigation Systems»

An e-Learning course presented by POWERING AGRICULTURE together with OSTFALIA University of Applied Sciences

NEW: Training-Course on SPIS May 23. – June 19., 2022

Next tutor-guided course will take place between 23.5. and 19.6.2022. The training will take place in both English and Arabic and consist of learning sessions and assignments and is complemented by weekly live classes (Webinars) over the internet. GIZ/WE4F will issue a certificate for successful participants.

Trainers for the course will be Mostafa Biad (Morocco), Abdelouahid Fouial (Algeria, Italy), Ali A. Salha (Palestine, Canada), Hans Hartung, and Dirk Hangstein (both Germany). The course will be implemented by GIZ/WE4F and offers place for up to 100 participants.

The application for the course will be possible from January 2022 on, here on this page. We ask for your comprehension that the access to the «Open SPIS» will be switched off during the course period.

«Open» SPIS course (only until May 01., 2022)

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What is this course about?

Discover what others are reporting about their experiences during the course. The video collects voices of organisers and participants of a «guided» training course in July 2019.

Do I really need this course?

Whether the course makes sense for you depends strongly on your needs and on your previous knowledge. If you've never dealt with Solar Powered Irrigation before, the course is maybe not what you are looking for – the same might also be true if you are already an expert in configuring and installation of an SPIS. But if you would like to learn more about the EXCEL tools provided for planning in the «Energypedia Toolbox»  or if you are working in the institutional or financial sector, the course might be able to further develop your capacities.

To support you in deciding whether you need the training, the Video below shows in approx. 14 min the most important components and how the course is constructed...