SPIS Toolbox :|: Online-Trainings for Advisors

What is it?

Six live training sessions («Webinars») will demonstrate the use of the most important tools. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss with trainers and experts at selected slots.

Homework & Group-work are implemented in smaller groups (break-out rooms) and will help solving specific questions and tasks provided by the trainers at the end of each webinar.

There will be the opportunity for informal «networking» using special internet meeting tools between the described working phases.

At the end of the course, a test/exam summarizes the acquired knowledges at the example of selected «real» situations. This exam is obligatory to earn a certificate.

Results of the test are subject of a «follow-up» session in which also certificates are presented to participants in a ceremony.


GIZ and WE4F will issue a written certificate (PDF) to all participants who participated at least 80% of the training time and presented «homeworks» and task-results sufficiently.

Pre-requisite for certificates is also the final exam, in which a result of at least 80% correct answers has to be given.

The test results will be discussed in detail at the occasion of the «Follow-up» session which takes place a week after the workshop. In this session, the certificates are also presented to successful participants.

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