System Template 5: Biogas System


This system is based on the use of a Biogas Reactor (S.12) to collect, store and treat the Excreta. Additionally, the Biogas Reactor produces Biogas which can be burned for cooking and/or lighting. Inputs to the system can include Urine, Faeces, Flushwater, Anal Cleansing Water, Dry Cleansing Materials, Organics (e.g., market or kitchen waste) and, if available, animal waste.

This system is best suited to rural and peri-urban areas where there is appropriate space, a regular source of organic substrate for the Biogas Reactor and a use for the digestate and Biogas. On farms, large quantities of Biogas can be produced if animal manure is co-digested with the Blackwater, whereas significant gas production would not be achieved from human Excreta alone.

System Template Matrix

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