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Evaluation Form Treatment Technologies

Evaluation «How Treatment Technologies Impact the Climate»
Thank you for your active participation in the Online-course «How Treatment Technologies Impact the Climate». We would be thankful to you if you could answer the following questions for internally particular purposes. This questionnaire is intended to hear about your impression of the event as well as any thoughts from you related to better engagement in promotion of decentralized wastewater management in Jordan. Thanks in advance!
I participated in these units of the course (please check all units you really participated in, no matter whether your completed them or not)*
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First, we like to hear about the application for REUSE of treated wastewater:
From the knowledge you have acquired during the training, do you recommend to use treated wastewater in Jordan?
Next, we would like to know more about how you apply the newly acquired technical and methodological knowledge on Decentralized Wastewater Management (DWWM) in your respective field of work:
From the knowledge and competencies you have newly acquired during the training, do you think that you could apply the knowledge and the competencies in your field of work?*
Following, three questions on the APPLICATION AND ACCREDITATION PROCEDURE. (Choose your answer from the options 1 (totally disagree) to 5 (totally agree). If you do not want to give an answer to a particular question, please choose option "3 - I do not have an opinion".):
Please tell us what you think about the QUALITY OF THE E-TUTORS COURSE FACILITATION:
The exchange between participants from different utilities is an important aspect to ensure the success of an online training. How do you evaluate the LEVEL OF INTERACTION WITH OTHER PARTICIPANTS?
Central part of every online training is of course the content itself. Please tell us what you think about the QUALITY OF THE LEARNING MATERIAL (LESSONS):
Next, we would like to get your OPINION ABOUT THE LOGISTICS:
Thanks a lot - your answers will help us to improve the course. It is NOT required to tell us your name and e-mail address, however if do this voluntary we can get in contact with you in case we want to clarify about your answers...